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Women hold the blueprint for creation inside the holy grail of our bodies - the Womb. When we return to the way of nature - the Tao - we align to the natural rhythms of creation + destruction and allow our bodies to feel coherance + harmony.


Through the Tao Of The Womb journey, you'll enter the healing power of the Womb Medicine Wheel, being intiated through the elements with each phase of your menstrual cycle. 


Learn how to syncronize your body with the Tao through the intelligence of your Womb, and surrender to the flowing rivers of life.


Each chapter brings you into the initation of elemental embodiment, bringing you into a pilgramge of deep transformtaion.


Part 1 - EARTH / Menstrual phase, reclaiming presence, embodying the Priestess. Learn how to plant roots of sovereignty, stillness, and deep knowing.


Part 2 - FIRE / Follicular phase, recaliming power, embodying the Warrioress. Learn how to set fierce boundaries, speak your wild truth, and express the shadow emotions of anger.


Part 3 - AIR/ Ovulation phase, reclaiming potential, embodying the Queen. Learn Tantric sexual practices to expand your abundance + radiance. 


Part 4 - WATER/ Premenstrual phase, reclaiming pleasure, embodying the Lover. Learn how to move grief through the body to open your heart to deep gratitude + love. 


The Tao Of The Womb includes journal prompts for each phase of your cycle, embodiment practices, rituals, and shadow alchemy to release supressed emotions. Reclaim your power to manifest, create, and release - all through the wisdom of your Womb.


This book is the foundation for my Tao Of The Womb online course  Register for the course HERE



Tao Of The Womb : Return To The Way Of Nature (eBook)

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