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The Tao Of The Womb is a 6 week online course with video teachings, guided meditations, and embodiment practices to guide you deeply back to the throne of your body through the power of your cycle. Each week, you'll journey around the Womb Medicine Wheel + be introduced to the energetics of your menstrual cycle phases. Each module integrates an element + goddess archetype, to harness the natural superpowers that your Womb + the Tao are giving you to create with.

It's time to reclaim the power of your Womb

The Tao Of The Womb is a Tantric initiation to align your body with the rhythm of nature - the Tao. Your menstrual cycle is the compass that guides + directs your sexual, creative energy, and your Womb is the conductor of all your creations. It's from your Womb that new life, passions, and concepts are brought into this world. You, Sacred woman, hold the power within your body to manifest anything your heart desires.

In this course you'll become...

Unapologetic for your raw truth.

Untamed in your creative power.

Unafraid to take up space.

Unleashed in your sensuality.



you'll discover...


How to use your sexual energy to create from divine inspiration.

How to look forward to your monthly bleed as your spiritual visionquest.

Rituals + embodiment practices to express your shadow emotions.

How to self source your energy + become abundant, powerful, and overflowing.



you'll learn...


That rest is the revolution + success blooms from your feminine radiance

To cultivate your sexual energy to magnetize your desires towards you.

To use suppressed emotions like anger + grief to empower you.

To harness the forces of nature to create with joy, ease, and flow.



you'll stop...


Pushing through your period, and take the pause your body is calling for.

Fueling exhaustion with stimulants + deriving self worth from constant doing.

Viewing your emotions + premenstrual time as crazy feelings to be ashamed of.

Denying your sexuality, suppressing your anger, and biting your tongue.










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The heroines journey begins as you begin the greatest pilgrimage of your life - the return to your body + Womb. Learn how Taoism + Tantra can bring you into coherence + harmony through embodiment, as you balance the masculine + feminine energies within you. Discover the power of the Womb to manifest the life of your dreams, and how to use the practices in this course to heal your body, live in trust, and surrender to life. Learn about the Womb Medicine Wheel, the map that you'll carry through your Tao Of The Womb journey, using the elements of nature as your guides to reclaim your full creative power.

Enter the stillness of your inner winter + discover how to sink into the soil of your being during the menstruation week of your cycle. Discover the importance of the Womb Cocoon to retreat, and uncover the reasons why you have guilt around resting + receiving. In this module you'll learn how to recover from burnout by reclaiming your sovereignty + solitude. The roots of your body are anchored while you bleed, and the deeper you go, the higher your creativity blooms. Reclaim your peace, knowing, and silence. Dive into the shadow of depression + learn practices to transform this energy into deep rest. Rest is the revolution. 

Shake the Shakti in your hips as the fire within rises during your follicular week. Here, you'll tap into your bad bitch Warrioress + learn the Tantric art of holding the charge of your sexual, creative energy, directing your life force with your values + vision. Discover why you people please instead of honoring your truth. Reclaim your holy 'No', making way for your sacred 'Yes'. Use the sword of discernment + slice away anything that's out of alignment or doesn't light your heart on fire. Transform your suppressed anger into wild power through rage ritual and dance. Learn to burn bright, without burning out.

Expand into your fullest blooming as the seeds of creation come into fruition during  ovulation week. Discover how to use Tantric practices of breathing + refining your orgasmic frequency, to become a magnet for your desires. This is the week in your cycle to declare yourself as the Queen that you are, expand your energetic field to higher standards, and attract abundance through your radiance. Learn to release the belief that success needs a struggle, and drop into your feminine power of manifestation. In this module you'll discover your upper limits against receiving more abundance + bliss. Don't get what you want; become it

Drop your defenses, open your heart into deep vulnerability, and surrender to the waters of life during your premenstrual week (which I call pre-moon surrender). Learn why this week is so tender for you, and how to embrace that softness instead of rushing past it. Discover why your emotions are your greatest teachers, and learn how to nurture your inner child who reveals herself in this phase. Move the shadow of grief through your body with flowing dance ritual, and embody the Lover as your life becomes your greatest work of art. In this module you'll learn deep heart initiations in compassion + love. Set your devotion in motion. 

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The spiral path continues as you begin again the Tao Of The Womb journey, returning to the Earth element with menstruation. In this module, discover how to go deeper each month with your cycle, integrating + weaving together all the elements + archetypes into both your being and your doing. Learn how to use the Womb Medicine Wheel, with the Tantric embodiment practices you've learned in this course, to create the vision that burns deep inside of you. When you live with all the elements within you, you become the Dragon archetype.  A woman fully embodying her Womb is a fully empowered woman. 

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Course Includes

8 hours of wisdom class video teachings ($340 value

Tao Of The Womb ebook + journal ($33 value)

4 audio meditations ($44 value)

4 embodiment practice videos ($44 value

Discount on private mentorship ($500 value)

Reclaiming your feminine power (priceless)

Your investment - only $299

SPECIAL BIRTHDAY OFFER 50% off $150 until July 13th!

Each module includes

Cute Notebooks

Journal Prompts

Uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from growth. A daily journal  with life changing questions that have transformed both me + my clients.


Guided Meditations

Audio meditations to listen to anywhere. These guided transmissions will clear your energy body of wounds that are weighing you down + relax your nervous system.

Image by Huha Inc.

Embodiment Practices

Bring the teachings to life with recorded breath-work, emotional alchemy, and movement practices. This is where the  knowledge becomes embodied knowing. 

Studying Online
Dancing with Music

Video Teachings

Recorded transmissions of the modules for fun + engaging learning. Each module has around 1.5 hours of video content, and can be streamed from any device. 


Move your body + anchor in the elements and archetype for each module with Holly's live DJ dance sets and curated Spotify playlists.

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Plus This Bonus!

Receive a copy of Holly Turiya's ebook

Tao Of The Womb : Return To Nature

AND an exclusive discount on a private Shamanic Womb Mentorship with Holly to support your unique journey.

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"Holly provides access to parts of ourselves we have yet to reach. This allowed me to drop into my body + being, by telling my Womb story, and reclaim my feminine essence. The transformation I've experienced is incredibly powerful." 


 Stephanie Larson - Transformative Coach + Reiki Master

Course Includes

8 hours of wisdom class video teachings ($340 value

Tao Of The Womb ebook + journal ($33 value)

4 audio meditations ($44 value)

4 embodiment practice videos ($44 value

Discount on coaching with Holly ($500 value)

Reclaiming your feminine power (priceless)

Your investment - only $299

SPECIAL BIRTHDAY OFFER 50% off $150 until July 13th!

With the power of a fully embodied Womb,

you don't get what you want.

You become it. 

Meet Your Guide

Hello Wild one,

I'm Holly Turiya, and I'm honored to guide you on your Tao Of The Womb journey, as you reclaim the Queen that you are.

This is my highest teaching, and has been the most significant practice that I've ever embodied.

Through the Tao Of The Womb, I've overcome depression, debilitating periods, addiction, codependency, and burnout.

I'm living the life of my dreams in the Costa Rican jungle, and my body feels the most vibrant, creative, and joyful it has ever felt!


I experience deeply embodied bliss, pleasure and love every single day. I welcome my shadows to the surface now as beloved teachers and dance partner. 

I've been studying + embodying the feminine Tantric + Taoist arts for 6 years, and know deeply that the  doors to liberation live within your very body.


All you have to do is enter.


Welcome to the most important journey you'll ever take -

the jounrey back home to your body + Womb. 


In truth + beauty + freedom
Holly Turiya xo

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