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Shamanic Womb Mentorship

Available exclusively for my Tao Of The Womb course, this journey will be curated just for you + your desire to return to harmony with your body, Womb, and nature. Wether you're not experiencing regular cycles + desire to return to your deep feminine essence, or you're seeking to create more space in your life to give yourself a monthly Womb Cocoon that nourishes you, I'm here in deep support of your Womb Reclamation. Our weekly Reclamation Sessions include reflective coaching, shamanic energy clearing of the Womb + heart, and Tantric + Taoist embodiment practices. You'll receive links to book your sessions after purchasing below. 


3 x 1.5 hr Reclamation Sessions with weekly support + curated homeplay - $1,333 value

My Tao Of The Womb Ebook + Journal - $33 value

My 4 SOMA guided meditations - $44 value

Tao Of The Womb Online Course - $333


Total Value - $1,743


Cost $1,200 

Shamanic Womb Mentorship


Book a complimentary call with me to connect deeper,

and share your reclamation desires, so I can guide you

towards which program will support you the most.

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