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Tantric Awakening

1 Month Journey


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Are you ready to descend fully into your body, and awaken into the fully alive, expressed, creative being that you came here to be?

Are you ready to fully claim your sexuality as the most healing + holy part of your humanity, with no shame around your desire?

Are you ready to be met in deep intimacy, truth, love and honor?

Join me for a Tantric Awakening journey to reclaim your primal power, and learn the ancient Tantric + Taoist arts to ascend your sexuality into higher states of spiritual bliss.

Tantra is a path of embodied living. It's a devotion to becoming fully alive + expressed, by dropping deeply into the present moment and welcoming every emotion, energy, and experience into the body as a teacher. In this journey, learn the 4 pillars of Tantra in my SOMA Method for embodied awakening (silence + movement + breathe + sound), to return you to the throne of your body so you can experience more pleasure, love, and truth.

Tantric Awakening is a 1 month initiation into the Tantric Arts, and can be explored as a single or as a couple. This includes 4x 1.5hour Reclamation Sessions which can be held virtually or in person at my Nosara Tantra Temple in Costa Rica. The sessions are an exploration of core Tantric teachings, embodiment practices, shamanic ritual, and transformative coaching. The intention with the sessions is to uncover and dissolve the distractions + blocks that are suppressing your truth, and to learn the tools to integrate your sensuality fully into your body to bloom into your highest expression. The Tantric Awakening journey includes guided practices, rituals, and mediations after each session to take home to embody + continue the teachings.


Session 1 

Rooted In Presence

Tantra Mantra: "My body is the doorway to the Divine"


A core Tantric teaching is that before we ascend up into love + bliss, we must first descend fully into the body, and anchor into the moment with total awareness + presence. All you wish to experience is in the now, and the biggest block to pleasure is disembodiment + distraction. In this session, you'll be invited to return fully to your body, bringing radical acceptance + love to yourself, just as you are. Embody the earth element with Tantric meditation practices to open your senses, dropping you out of your head + into your body. 

Session 2 

Rising In Power

Tantra Mantra: "My primal sexuality awakens, inspires, and heals me."

After cultivating presence, your sexual creative life force is now ready to awaken + rise up through your body to heal, inspire, and transform you. Sexual energy is the most powerful + potent force in the universe, and in this session, you'll learn how to channel it towards your transformation. Embody the fire element and allow your turn on to burn through stagnation, tension, and fear with Tantric movement practices like dance, bioenergetics, and somatic release. Welcome your desire fully into your body, and reclaim your wild + primal nature, as your sexual energy is channeled to your power centers.


Session 3

Blooming In Potential

Tantra Mantra: "I dissolve into bliss as I merge with all that is"

One of the core teachings of Tantra is to raise your sexual energy throughout the whole body to bring a cosmic spiritual experience to your pleasure. Embody the air element with Tantric breath practices, and learn how to expand your orgasmic potential into full body bliss. Discover tools to create a sacred self pleasure practice as part of your daily spiritual devotion. Also learn how to refine your sexual energy to heal your body, and create a magical + magnetic field in your body for manifestation powers. Open the petals of your crown chakra, and embody the full spirit of yourself.

Session 4 

Loving In Pleasure

Tantra Mantra: "I surrender to love, trust, and intimacy"

Once you've cultivated + refined your creative sexual life force, and become deeply intimate with yourself, you can now open to deep pleasure + love with others. The journey so far has taught you tools for self-sourcing your energy. Now embody the water element and pour your overflow of fruit to relationships. The final session is a journey into awakening open love, by sending the sexual life force to the heart chakra. Learn the Tantric art of sounding through mantra to activate the heart space + dissolve your fears around being fully seen in truth. All other practices lead to this - the embodiment of pure love. 

Libra ♎︎ New Moon - Oct 2021.jpeg

Tantric Awakening

1 Month Journey

Includes 4x 1.5hr Reclamation Sessions with Holly Turiya, and guided practices to embody between sessions.


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Sessions can be held virtually or in person at my Nosara Tantra Temple in Costa Rica. I suggest booking 1 session per week for the month journey to integrate the practices. If you're visiting Costa Rica for a shorter time however, we can have less space between sessions if you prefer in person. We can also have a few sessions in person + then continue the journey virtually. Once you purchase the package above, you'll recieve an email from me with a link to book your sessions.

Questions? Email

Book a complimentary call with me to introduce ourselves to each other + answer any other you have about the journey.

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"Holly provides access to parts of ourselves we have yet to reach. This allowed me to drop into my body + being, by telling my Womb story, and reclaim my feminine essence. The transformation I've experienced is incredibly powerful." 


 Stephanie Larson - Transformative Coach + Reiki Master

"She brought together beautiful modalities to activate, align, and atune my body to help me find clarity on what's been holding back. She holds incredibe space. Both cosmic and grounded. I felt deeply safe, held, and guided."

Cam McDougal - Founder of Inbody Fit

"Holly is a modern day Priestess and Mistress Of Ceremony in embodiment + empowered self care practice. Working with Holly has been a deep + profound experience. She's beautiful sacred space with absolute presence as she dances with your dreams, visioning what's uniquely possible for you. It's been an honor to be guided by her, and her grounded yet cosmic energy. She's simply magic."

Kat D - Shamanic Astrologer

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