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It's time to fully Claim yourself Queen.


The Royal Road
4 Month Group Mentorship


Hello Queen,


The most wild, sacred, and  transformational journey you will ever take, is the one back into your own heart + being. Dropping your center of gravity away from your head, and deep into your embodiment.  

The Royal Road is the sacred path that leads you back to the throne of your body + truth. To open the doors to the holy temple of you. 

Your soul is Royal 

It's not until you descend into the shimmering soils of yourself, that you can then begin to ascend into the Royal majesty of your fully claimed potential. 

Only you can

crown yourself


Let this year be the one where you take the Crown, claiming full presence in your being, full power in your truth + purpose, full pleasure in your love + intimacy, and full potential in your soul's embodiment.

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The Royal Road is a 4 month group mentorship journey into Tantric + Taoist feminine embodiment. With the strength + support of a circle of sisters, your Reclamation will be held, witnessed, and nourished by deep feminine presence.


This journey is guided by me, Holly Turiya. I'm a feminine embodiment guide + tantra teacher, and work with women to support their reclamation of freedom, pleasure, and power. 


My intention with this group mentorship journey is to extend my private teachings to more women, as this path has transformed my life, and the lives of my clients completely. It's my life's divine purpose to guide you into the deepest joy + presence you've ever experienced, through the journey down the Royal Road of embodiment. 

The Royal Road 4 month group mentorship experience will mark the beginning of your best year yet.  


Are you ready to fully claim your magnificence sister?


Month 1
Reclaim presence
Embody the Priestess


We begin the journey down the Royal Road with the most important first step - returning to the throne of your body. Setting deep roots into your Womb, and arriving fully into the depths of yourself. This month embodies the earth element of the root chakra, and the silence of the Priestess. Start this grand new year off with a full body cleanse, digital detox, and planting deep seeds of manifestation into the Queen you’re becoming.


Total mind, body reset.

SOMA Tantric Practice:  MEDITATION

Emotional Embodiment: Peace + Trust + Presence

Initiation Challenge: Cleansing the body + mind from distractions to claim deeper feminine embodiment

Royal Reclamation
"From my body, I rise"


New Moon Ceremony:  Planting seeds of presence 
Full Moon Ceremony: Releasing distractions + busy-ness

Month 2
Reclaim power
Embody the Warrioress


The journey along the Royal Road continues as you step fully into your power. This month set fierce intentions of breaking through your limiting beliefs that keep you playing small, fears that keep you stuck, and people pleasing that keeps you over-giving. This month embodies the fire element of the solar plexus + throat chakra, and the courage of the Warrioress. Release your old ways to the flame and make space for the Phoenix to rise with fire ceremony, rage release, and boundary setting.


Live your truth embodied.

SOMA Tantric Practice:  MOVEMENT

Emotional Embodiment: Courage + Wild + Power

Initiation Challenge: To move your body + beliefs past your comforting limitations, and take up more S P A C E


Royal Reclamation
"I ignite my soul with wild passion"


New Moon Ceremony:  Planting seeds of power 
Full Moon Ceremony: Releasing anger + people pleasing

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Reserve your throne on the Royal Road. Book a free discovery call with Holly if you desire to learn more about the program that begins again in the spring.

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Month 3
Reclaim pleasure
Embody the Lover


Cleanse your heart of any fears, and jump fully into the ocean of love and trust. Open your body to receive more joy, bliss, and creativity.  This month embodies the water element of the sacral + heart chakras, and the juiciness of the Lover. Surrender deeply to intimacy, vulnerability, and pleasure by opening the floodgates of your sensual power centers; your heart + womb. Widen your capacity to receive pleasure through Tantric sexual practices, inner child reclamation, and rebirth rituals. 


Return to erotic innocence.

SOMA Tantric Practice:  ART

Emotional Embodiment: Creativity + Joy + Pleasure

Initiation Challenge: To soften the edges +armor of your heart and allow yourself to be fully seen + cherished


Royal Reclamation
"I surrender my yes to joy"


New Moon Ceremony:  Planting seeds of pleasure 
Full Moon Ceremony: Releasing control + perfection

Month 4
Reclaim potential
Embody the Queen


Now you’ve taken the Royal Road back home to the throne of your body, you can fully ascend + bloom into your magnificence. Expand your radiance, spread your wings, and reclaim the reign of your life, vision, and purpose. This month embodies the air element of the upper crown chakras, and the majesty of the Queen. Anchor the light of your luminous spirit and live the Tantric experience of heaven on earth. Raise your standards + your abundance with Kundalini breath work, quantum manifestation, and Tantric jade egg practices.

Create an empire from bliss + freedom.

SOMA Tantric Practice: ORGASM

Emotional Embodiment: Bliss + Magnetism + Potential

Initiation Challenge: To expand your breath to invite your highest frequency to you body, and reclaim the feminine art of manifestation through orgasmic embodiment.


Royal Reclamation
"I don't get what I want.
I become it."


New Moon Ceremony:  Planting seeds of potential 
Full Moon Ceremony: Releasing fear of being seen

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3D Pink Flower

Reserve your throne on the Royal Road. Book a free discovery call with Holly if you desire to learn more about the program that begins again in the spring. 

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There's a throne. It's there for you. The only person who can enthrone you is you. The throne is your destiny. The throne is waiting for you to be brave enough to claim yourself.

Guru Jagat on the Royal Road of Tantra

Over 4 month's, we'll journey together down the Royal Road of deep embodiment using my decade of distilled experience in this potent process of transformation. I have walked this path many times over, and these tools are the ones I share with my VIP clients for next level expansion. 


Each month you reclaim a lost part of yourself, returning to full power, bliss, and abundance. You'll have access to my Royal Road Mentorship Modules; my signature program that guides you in returning to your body, and thus your power through the ancient feminine arts of Tantra, moon ceremony, and shamanic ritual.

You'll have lifetime access to these modules which hold my best resources + teachings. Journey down the Royal Road with sisters who see you, support you, and celebrate you. This is a a journey of both individual sovereignty and shared experience. 

Each month on the Royal Road includes 

Buddha Statue

Daily Practices

A morning practice to embody the monthly reclamation + Goddess archetype. These will be movement practices, guided meditations, journal prompts, and rituals.


Moon Ceremonies

A curated ritual pdf for both the New + Full Moons to plant your seeds of magic + manifestation with the lunar rhythms. Anchor your dreams into the earth each moon.


Group Calls

Gather twice a month with all the sister Queens as I lead us through 2 x 1.5 hour calls to share teachings, offer laser coaching, and guidance for your Royal Road journey.


Support Sister

Pair with a new co-queen each month to share weekly accountability calls, reflections, and feedback on your Royal Road journeys


 Astrology Forecast

A video transmission each month from our resident Shamanic Astrologer, Kat Dewitt,  to share cosmic insight for the astral month ahead + how to harness these powerful eneries

Woman Texting

Group Whatsapp Channel

The thread that weaves us together, with weekly prompts + challenges from me, guiding inspiration, and deep sisterhood as we journey together. A place to share your process + be celebrated in your victories.


Wellness Challenges

Each month will initiate you with a life changing challenge such as a diet cleanse, digital detox, daily movement, or setting new boundaries. Push beyond yourl imits  + rise into your highest frequency. 


Royal Reading

I've chosen the 4 influential books that have had the greatest impact on my life. We'll enjoy one each month as we journey along the Royal Road of reclamation.

The Royal Road journey
Next journey begins spring

Let the Queen you're becoming
walk you into this new year.


Total program value


Your cost




($444 monthly payment available)

To arrange a monthly payment plan please email


I’m so grateful to have completed a mentorship with Holly and thankful that I took the leap of faith to invest in myself. I’m stronger, more aligned, and have had tremendous personal growth. Holly is able to match the perfect words to my feelings and show me a new perspective. She’s taught me that life isn’t either/or, but instead can be a balance of all worlds. I’m grateful to be more spiritually sovereign + rooted, and plan to take Holly’s valuable and unique teachings to help others along my path, just as she has done for me. Thank you always, Holly!

~Elizabeth P

Holly is a modern day Priestess + mistress of her craft in embodiment and empowered self- care practice. Working with Holly has been a deep and profound experience. She holds a beautiful + sacred space with absolute presence as she dances with your dreams, visioning what's uniquely possible for you. It's been an honor to be guided by her + her grounded, yet

cosmic energy. She's simply magic.  

~Kat D

Holly’s gentle + supportive guidance helped me reclaim parts of myself I didn’t even realize I’d lost over the years. The way Holly has structured this 4 month mentorship gave me time + space to dive deep into healing. She tailored rituals + practices for me to support my process of letting go of what no longer serves me, identifying + rewriting patterns in my thinking, and becoming more aligned with my true North. Holly deeply invested herself in helping me through my journey and I’ve transformed in ways I never could have imagined at the beginning of this journey. Joining her for this journey was truly a blessing.

~Leah N.

3D Pink Flower

Reserve your throne on the Royal Road. Book a free discovery call with Holly if you desire to learn more about the program that begins again in the spring.


Live Call Dates


Live calls are 1.5 hours, and recorded for replay.

(Times are listed in CST)

January 4 + 18 / 6pm

February 1 + 15 / 6pm  

March 1 + 15 / 6pm

April 5 + 19 / 6pm 

Don't get what you want.

Become it. 

Meet Your Guide

Hello Wild one,

I'm Holly Turiya, and I'm honored to guide you on your Royal Road journey, as you reclaim the Queen that you are.

Feminine embodiment is my highest teaching, and has been the most significant practice that I've ever embodied.

Through the Tantric practices, I've overcome depression, debilitating periods, addiction, codependency, and burnout.

I'm living the life of my dreams in the Costa Rican jungle, and my body feels the most vibrant, creative, and joyful it has ever felt!


I experience deeply embodied bliss, pleasure and love every single day. I welcome my shadows to the surface now as beloved teachers and dance partner. 

I've been studying + embodying the feminine Tantric + Taoist arts for 6 years, and know deeply that the  doors to liberation live within your very body.


All you have to do is enter.


Welcome to the most important journey you'll ever take -

the journey back home to your body + Womb. 


In truth + beauty + freedom
Holly Turiya xo

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