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Reclamation Session

1.5hr (virtual or in person)


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What piece of your true original essence is ready to be reclaimed + liberated?

What is hiding under the layers or constriction + tension in your body?


What shade of your soul is ready to be integrated into your creative + relational expression?


In this 1.5hr Reclamation Session, we'll work together to discover the deeper layers within you that are ready to open, and explore the fears, stories, and beliefs that have been keeping your truth from being fully embodied. 

The coaching container is held in a Tantric approach to transformation, in the understanding that all true healing happens through the body, with love and presence. The session weaves in different healing modalities including Tantric embodiment practices (breath, sound, movement, meditation), laser coaching, and shamanic energy clearing + ritual. These tools combined bring deep awareness + evolution to the physical, neural, emotional, and spiritual bodies, creating full spectrum support for your reclamation intention


The 1.5hr session can be held either virtually via Zoom, or in person at my Nosara Tantra Temple in Costa Rica. The session includes a follow up with integration reflections, and a curated practice or ritual to embody what you learned + uncovered during your session. 

"She brought together beautiful modalities to activate, align, and atune my body to help my find clarity on what's been holding back. She holds incredibe space. Both cosmic and grounded. I felt deeply safe, held, and guided."

Cam McDougal - Founder of Inbody Fit

"Holly is a modern day Priestess and Mistress Of Ceremony in embodiment + empowered self care practice. Working with Holly has been a deep + profound experience. She's beautiful sacred space with absolute presence as she dances with your dreams, visioning what's uniquely possible for you. It's been an honor to be guided by her, and her grounded yet cosmic energy. She's simply magic."

Kat D - Shamanic Astrologer

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