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This is an introductory journey for you to discover how embodiment, tantric tools + practices, and loving guidance can unlock anything within you that's anchored in fear. Through this reclamation, learn how to integrate your shadows and turn them into your deepest power, and highest love. 

During our month journey together, you'll receive 3 x 1.5 hr Reclamation Sessions (in person or online), accountability + support through a private Whatsapp thread with me, and curated practices, rituals, and meditations to embody your liberation and truth.

This is an introductory package available one time to you at a discounted cost from my single sessions. All clients that feel called to journey in a longer 4 month mentorship with me are required to book this introductory package first to feel alignment. 

Total value - $1,332

Your introductory cost - $888

Purchase this package below, and you'll be sent a link within a few days to book your Reclamation Sessions.


Book a complimentary call with me to connect deeper,

and share your reclamation desires, so I can guide you

towards which program will support you the most.

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