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Enter a deep meditative trance of theta brainwaves. In this state, your subconscious surfaces + becomes easily accessable, making it easy to remove your limiting beliefs + replace them with an updated empowering belief system.


This guided meditation combines the transformational magic of musical solfeggio frequencies, which retune the chakras, with live wind sounds, and a hypnotising prayer of meditation led by Holly Turiya. 


With this guided meditation you'll

* Drop out of your head + deeply into your body

* Soften block + tension in your body

* Create a shamanic ceremony space for surrender

* Open your emotional body+ connect to the water element


Remove limiting beliefs around

* Fear of coming undone + fully surrendering in vulnerability

* Needing to keep it all together with your emotions

* Repressing your mysterious feminine essence

* Fear to dive into the depths of your heart to more love


Return to embodied feelings of

* Trust

* Flow

* Softness

* Gratitude


This is a 33 minute audio meditation. Upon purchase, you'll recieve an email with a link to download the audio file onto any device. Download link expires 30 days after purchase. 


    WATER Embodiment Meditation (Audio)

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