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Your Sexuality Is Your Greatest Medicine

Hi I'm Holly Turiya and I'm a Tantric Sex, Love, and Intimacy Coach.

I’m here to support you to become embodied, radiant and free through the reclamation of your sexual energy.

To guide you to liberate your love, declare your desires, and prioritize your pleasure.

My coaching journeys are designed to help you uncover what you truly desire around Sex, Love, and Intimacy, so that you can experience a depth of connection with yourself + others that feeds your heart.

Why am I so passionate about liberating your sexual energy?

Because your sexual energy is your truth.

It’s the life force that fuels your vitality for radiant + joyful aliveness.

It’s the creative force that inspires + enlivens all your dreams and projects.

It’s the fire that burns through all that’s untrue within your being, returning you to your original essence.

You sexual energy is you primal power, fueling your divine purpose as you serve your mission.

It’s your eros that softens you into sensuality + surrender.

It’s your feminine essence that nourishes and regenerates you.

It’s your polarity that creates turn on, desire and chemistry in your intimate relationships.

You sexual energy is your awakening force that opens all your chakras and blooms your heart into love + gratitude.

It’s your spiritual energy that connects you to source, and elevates you to higher states of consciousness.

It’s your healing energy that enlivens + regenerates every cell in your body.

And most of all, your sexual energy energy is YOU.

It’s the key that unlocks your unique soul and emotional body, bringing you fully alive in this human experience.

When you reclaim + embody your sexual energy, you reclaim your full self.

Your deepest truth and highest love.

Your sensual body comes alive to all sensations.

You liberate fear + trauma from your nervous system so you can live in the present moment with trust.

When you reclaim + embody your sexual energy, you relate from authenticity + truth.

You drop the need to prove + please, and come as you are. Messy, wild, and free.

You express your desires without shame, and allow yourself to give + receive deep deep pleasure.

You stay on your throne of sovereignty + self honor knowing your sexuality + body is yours to enjoy.

In your Tantric Awakening journey we’ll gently yet bravely uncover the fears and blocks in your body and belief system that are preventing you from experiencing your full aliveness.

My work combines transformational coaching methods, Tantric philosophy + practice, somatic embodiment, and shamanic shadow integration.

I’ve been walking this Royal Road of Tantra for 10 years, and these tools have brought me to my temple of truth within - over + over again.

This journey guides you to reclaim your sexuality by returning you back home to the throne of your body - this is where your truth lives.

By awakening your sexual energy with Tantric tools + practices, your body + heart will open to higher love.

This liberates you to experience the Sex, Love and Intimacy that you desire and deserve.

Your relationships bloom from the foundation of intimacy that you have with yourself.

When you honor, celebrate and accept yourself, you’re available to love others with incredible depth and authenticity.

This is what life is truly about.

So, if you want to learn more about how to liberate your sexuality through Tantric practices, I invite you to download my free Everyday Ecstasy guide HERE, where I share ways to embody these ancient teachings in modern ways.

And if you want to journey deeper, I invite you book a free Desire Discovery Call with my HERE so I can support you in creating the Sex, Love, and Intimacy that you deserve + desire!

It’s an honor to support your Tantric Awakening journey.

Your reclamation + liberation journey awaits!


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