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Tantric Self Pleasure Practice

Hi I'm Holly Turiya and I'm a Tantric Sex, Love, and Intimacy Coach.

So, if you want to learn more about how to begin a Tantric self pleasure practice, I invite you to download my free Everyday Ecstasy guide below, where I share ways to embody these ancient teachings in modern ways.

  • What is a Tantric self pleasure practice?

    • Time to connect with your body + erotic energy

    • Sacred space for self intimacy -> getting to know yourself

    • Tantric approach - no goal -> intention: pleasure + embodiment

  • How can it change your life?

    • Intimacy -> total self acceptance -> changes your relationships

    • Pleasure medicine + embodiment

    • Own your sexuality

  • How to start one?

    • Download my Everyday Ecstasy guide below!

    • Start with 20 minutes 3x week

    • Engage the senses

    • Tantric approach -> breath, sound, movement

And if you want to journey deeper, I invite you book a free Desire Discovery Call with my below so I can support you in creating the Sex, Love, and Intimacy that you deserve + desire! It’s an honor to support your Tantric Awakening journey.Your reclamation + liberation journey awaits!


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