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Sex Rx | Self Pleasure As Medicine

Hi I'm Holly Turiya and I'm a Tantric Sex, Love, and Intimacy Coach.

If you want to learn more about how to begin a Tantric self pleasure practice, I invite you to download my free Everyday Ecstasy guide below, where I share ways to embody these ancient teachings in modern ways.

  • Why self pleasure is medicine?

    • Sexual energy heals the body + removes blockages

    • It stimulates feel good endorphins -> high on your own supply

    • Stimulates the organs, immune system, and grounds the nervous system

  • The 3 Tantric pillars of pleasure (breathe, sound, movement)

  • Breath

    • slows you down + brings you into presence

    • Breaks through internal blockages

    • Can either calm the nervous system or activate the body

  • Sound

    • Liberates your original essence, expression, and authenticity

    • Releases + integrates trauma

    • Pushes stress responses out of the body

  • Movement

    • Creates expanded embodiment (hello full body orgasms!)

    • Encourages erotic embodiment + sexual liberation

    • Energizes your whole body by moving chi

  • How to create a Sex Rx for yourself!

    • Set aside time at least 3x week for 20 minutes to connect to your pleasure. From the Tantric principles above, remove the goal of orgasm and set an intention of embodying your pleasure. Play with the Tantric tools of breath, sound, and movement to make it a full bodied experience. Watch how your pleasure expands with a devotion to a Tantric Self Pleasure Practice!

And if you want to journey deeper, I invite you book a free Desire Discovery Call with me so I can support you in creating the Sex, Love, and Intimacy that you deserve + desire! It’s an honor to support your Tantric Awakening journey.Your reclamation + liberation journey awaits!


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