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Sex Rx | Self Pleasure As Medicine

Hi I'm Holly Turiya and I'm a Tantric Sex, Love, and Intimacy Coach.

If you want to learn more about how to begin a Tantric self pleasure practice, I invite you to download my free Everyday Ecstasy guide below, where I share ways to embody these ancient teachings in modern ways.

  • Why self pleasure is medicine?

  • Sexual energy heals the body + removes blockages

  • It stimulates feel good endorphins -> high on your own supply

  • Stimulates the organs, immune system, and grounds the nervous system

  • The 3 Tantric pillars of pleasure (breathe, sound, movement)

  • Breath

  • slows you down + brings you into presence

  • Breaks through internal blockages

  • Can either calm the nervous system or activate the body

  • Sound

  • Liberates your original essence, expression, and authenticity

  • Releases + integrates trauma

  • Pushes stress responses out of the body

  • Movement

  • Creates expanded embodiment (hello full body orgasms!)

  • Encourages erotic embodiment + sexual liberation