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Life As Temple is an invitation to walk through your life as a Priestess or Shaman with your medicine of love + eros. Every moment in life is an opportunity to serve this healing, which is the deepest invitation of the Temple Path, making love to life itself and taking every step in reverence, honor, and devotion. In this 6 week series we will discover the tools + practices to live Life As Temple, relating to each part of life as an art. We'll explore how to create intimacy with self, others, and tribe in alignment with your deepest truth and authenticity. This experience welcomes all genders, relationship status, and sexual orientations. 


(Fridays 10am-2pm)




- Week off for integration - 




3/30 Closing Temple Night Celebration 5-11pm


Tierramor in Rio Montana (about 25 minutes outside of Nosara).


A lunch is included at the end of each day. 


Life As Temple is a group initiation to learn and embody the tools + practices to support you in creating relationships that support your deepest truth, celebrate your true expression, and honor your boundaries + vulnerabilities, and embrace authentic pleasure as a way of living.


Part 1 - Weeks 1+2  - Intimacy With Self


Creating deep safety within your body + nervous system

Erotic embodiment to activate your life force energy

Connecting to your felt sense + desires

Knowing what your yes and no feels like in your body

Deep self love and worthiness 

Part 2 - Weeks 3 + 4 - Intimacy With Others


Clearly and openly communicating your fears, desires, and boundaries

The Wheel Of Consent to give and receive with integrity 

Exploring and creating unique relationship dynamics that are a right fit for you

Masculine + Feminine polarity dynamics

Exploring edges in sexual preferences + curiosities 

Part 3 - Weeks 5 + 6 - Intimacy With Community


Cultivating your center in group spaces to stay regulated + in truth

Erotic archetype embodiment + primal play

Being seen + celebrated in your vulnerable expression

Bringing your life force into your mission + devotion



Are you a curious soul, yearning for a profound connection to your inner truth? Do you seek the tools and practices necessary to not just understand, but to embody and express that truth with unwavering courage and vulnerability? If so, welcome to a space crafted for seekers like you.


Here, we embrace those who crave genuine connections within their tribe and partnerships—relationships that not only accept but also celebrate, challenge, and wholeheartedly support you, exactly as you are. Gone are the masks of performance, the need for approval, and the pursuit of perfection. Instead, we invite you to settle deeply into the core of your being, shedding layers of societal conditioning to reveal your true essence.


Our journey together extends beyond the surface, delving into the realms of sexuality, love, and relationships. We confront and dissolve the barriers of shame and societal norms, creating space for your authentic desires to flourish. Here, your sexuality is not just acknowledged but revered—a sacred aspect of your being that deserves to be integrated into every facet of your life, bringing joy and pleasure to every moment.


Life As Temple is a sanctuary where every part of you is not only welcomed but cherished. Join us as we navigate the currents of truth and desire, embracing the richness of our authentic selves and reveling in the exquisite pleasure that comes with living fully and authentically.



Space is limited to 30 participants. To reserve your spot, you can either pay in full or pay a $500 non-refundable deposit. We will then follow up with you via email for the rest of the payment.



All participants will also receive half off private coaching sessions with both Holly & Jennifer during the container for additional support, and will be given the opportunity to integrate this container deeper with a uniquely curated Life As Temple co-mentorship journey after the container ends.

Questions? Join our Whatsapp group to have your questions answered HERE








Holly Turiya | Tantric Intimacy Guide + Temple Priestess

My deepest passion is creating spaces, experiences, and containers that facilitate freedom and support the opening of your love + eros. I believe that when we step into our edges and dissolve the shame around our desires & bodies, that our deepest gifts & potential reveal themselves. On the path of spiritual awakening, we must remember that pleasure & celebration are deep medicine. Visit to connect deeper with my podcast, books, courses, and mentorship. Host of the Tantric Awakening podcast, and founder of the Nosara Tantra Collective. 




Jennifer Ackad | Authentic + Soul Embodiment Mentor

Creator of ‘The Authentic Woman You Are’transformation system and the ‘Authentic & Soul Embodiment Living’ movement, she has been guiding wo-men to create space in their body and in their lives in order to awaken the wisdom, truth and answers they hold inside for the last decade. Her programs are intimate containers where participants gather to reignite their innate sacred power, reconnect to their intrinsic gifts and ground in their true essence. By honoring their deepest desires and highest calling, participants shift their life & lifestyle, manifesting a creative and fiercely-aligned playground while empowering others. They Bloom into their gifts, their voice, their authentic power and propel their leadership to the next level from the guidance of their soul frequency. Visit her website here to learn more. 





  • Is this open to all genders?
    Yes. All genders are welcome in this container. We will be working a lot with masculine and feminine polarity dynamics, and both these energies live within all genders.
  • Do I need to be in a relationship for this container?
    No you don't. This container celebrates and supports all relationship dynamics. So whether you are single or in a partnership, you are welcome. If you are in a partnership your partner is welcome to join you too! It's a great journey to take together as a couple, but not required.
  • What is the level of erotic exploration or nudity in this container?
    This is a level 1 container, where gentle intimacy building practices and boundary exploration will be shared that are very foundational. All parts of this container are an invitation to participate in your own choice, within your own boundaries and consent. During the classes, you may be invited into gentle touch, dance, or even slight nudity such as removing a top. Again, all is optional, and we will be sharing and encouraging consent every step of the way. Our closing Temple Night celebration is optional to attend, and will invite deeper levels or sensual + sexual connection within our group, practicing the tools you've learned int this training.
  • What is the level of confidentiality ?
    All attendees names will be held in privacy and we will create group agreements where all participants consent to this. You can share about your experience in Life As Temple, however sharing the names of other participants is not allowed to keep a safe and contained space.
  • Can I drop into the classes or do I need to commit to the full journey?
    Life As Temple is a closed container that begins February 16th and closes March 30. You are required to be in the whole experience. If you need to miss a date, you will be assigned a buddy, who can update you on what was missed.
  • How does the group stay connected during the container?
    We will have a Whatsapp group for the Life As Temple participants to stay connected. It will be an admin-only posting group to put home-play embodiment practices and journal prompts into, and a way for you to have the phone numbers of all participants to stay connected during the journey.
  • What is the overall structure of class each week?
    Friday 10am-2pm 10-10:30 - Grounding, embodiment, group circle 10:30-11 - Transmission teaching 11-12:30 - Practices 12:30-1 - Questions, closing circle 1-2 - Group lunch
  • Where is this located?
    Life As Temple is hosted at Tierramor in Rio Montana, which is about 20 minutes Northeast of Nosara. A 4x4 or quad is needed to get up the mountain.
  • What do we wear?
    Comfortable clothes that allow for moving around like what you would wear to a yoga or embodiment class. You will be sitting quite a bit during teaching time, and then moving around quite a bit during practice time. Our closing Temple Night celebration you're invited to wear anything that allows you to feel expressed, sensual, and beautiful!
  • Do I need any prior temple experience to attend this offering?
    No. This is a level 1 offering, so no prior temple experience is needed. However some foundational basics of embodiment, presence, and being in a group field are required for this journey.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    If needed, we can offer this to you. The cost of the container for pay in full is $3k ($500 deposit to reserve + $2.5k remaining). If you need a payment plan, the cost is $3333 which would be split in to 3x payments after your deposit, and the payments would need to be completed by March 30th. The payment plan would be a $500 deposit, and then 3x payments of $945
  • Where can I have my other questions answered?
    We have a Life As Temple Q's Whatsapp group that you can join HERE to have your other questions answered.
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