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This practice guides you to open your heart deeply & expand beyond your intimacy blocks. It’s designed to bring you deep into the felt sense inside your heart & flood your being with the eternal well of love that lives deep in the center of your heart. It gets you out of your thinking mind and into the primal, deep parts of your nervous system & emotional body.


Go slow, work with your body, and remember that you can stop at any time. Your primal, somatic self will become present as your cortical control lowers. You might shake or move your body as you breathe into this process. You may also notice that strong emotions arise. Know that whatever is rising, is suppressed energy that’s now ready to be met with your loving presence.

This 33min practice is done laying down. Create a cozy nest with squishy blankets & pillows. An eye mask is great to go deeper within. There will be a breast/chest massage at the end, so organic coconut or almond oil is a nice addition. For a deeper experience, you can play my Grief Ritual playlist at a lower volume simultaneously.


Contraindications: Don’t do the breath-work if you are pregnant or might be pregnant, or if you have any serious medical conditions (epilepsy, seizures, cardiovascular issues etc) Use this instead as an opportunity to go into deep meditation during this practice. Reach out to me for personalized guidance on how to adjust this practice if you have any of these contraindications.

Heart Awakening + Total Love PracticeHolly Turiya
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