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Nosara Tantra 

Join our Nosara Tantra group on Whatsapp to connect deeper with our local community on upcoming events + musings.

Ecstatic Dance 

Breath, sound, and movement are the foundations of Tantra to enter mystical + ecstatic states through the body. Ecstatic dance is an embodiment practice that has been enjoyed by Shamanic + Tantric traditions since the dawn of time as a way to liberate the soul, alchemize stuck emotions, and open your heart all within the joy of tribal celebration. I have been a DJ for almost 20 years as my longest standing ecstatic practice. Join me on the dance floor to celebrate + liberate yourself!


Upcoming Dances With Holly Turiya

Sunday April 28th  10:30am-12:30pm

Community Dance At Casa Las Estrellas  $20 suggested donation

Sunday May 26th  10:30am-12:30pm

Community Dance At Casa Las Estrellas  $20 suggested donation

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Tantra Temples


One of my greatest joys is creating safe spaces that facilitate the freedom of true expression.

Who would you be and how would you express if you granted yourself total permission?

To feel that you are neither too much, nor not enough.

To feel your sensuality, desire, and body as a work of art.

To express all shades of divinity & devilish within you as sacred.

How will you enjoy pleasure as you release shame, and conditioning around should or should not?

Welcome  to  our Tantra Temple  experiences.

A night of erotic embodiment, love liberation, and cultivation of conscious intimacy.

The intention with these experiences is to give you a safe space to express & explore your sensuality and sexuality.


To provide you a ceremonial container where the medicine served is love & eros.

I believe that love & eros are the deepest forms of nourishment, and that sexuality is our gateway to truth + God.


I believe that sexual liberation is loving who you want to, how you want to.


It's living from the pulse of desire & choice instead of conditioning and shame.

Imagine  what's  possible  when  you  become  free  in  your  heart & body?

Temple Guidelines 

Level 1 + Level 2

Integrity and boundaries create the safety for a container to provide healing + liberation.


Our temple experiences require an application from all attendees to ensure the consent of agreements & intention.


Freedom blooms in safety, and the boundaries of our containers create this.


The play space provides intimacy building practices and erotic experiences to expand your edges, however everything is optional for you to explore. You can come to an experience and sit in meditation in the center of space and that could be exquisite. Or you can explore every corner + connection available. Your choice, your freedom!


All sexual orientations, genders, and relationship dynamics are welcome


LEVEL 1 - This is the place to start if you're new to temple experiences, or if you desire to expand your nervous system capacity for intimacy and love before moving into a more sexual experience in level 2. The intention with a level 1 temple experience is to gently activate your Eros (sexual creative life force), open your heart to love, and nourish yourself with giving + receiving sensual touch. We'll share in Tantric embodiment practices such as breath work, sensual massage, and embrace to expand your capacity to more love & pleasure. The furthest boundary line of a level 1 experience would be making out, toplessness, and breast massage for heart activation. This is a great level for new templars, for couples who want to deepen their intimacy and begin to open their energy to others gently, and for those who are craving touch + love, but don't necessarily want to share sexual energy with others.


LEVEL 2 - Attendees must have either participated in one of our level 1 temples, attended ISTA, or attended other level 2 temples or play parties for this experience. The intention with a level 2 temple is to build upon the Erotic activation and heart opening from level 1, and weave in deeper exploration into sacred sexuality. It's a place to explore your edges, kinks, and fantasies and to get curious around your turn ons and desires. The boundary line lay within the participants consent + desire, and any and all sexual explorations are welcome. As with all our temple experiences, your experience is your own. Sex is a welcomed & celebrated part of this experience, but not required. 

Upcoming Events


Single Ticket $111 | Couples Ticket $200

See our calendar of events below. First, please fill out an application to attend, and then you will receive an Whatsapp message from us with a link to purchase a ticket. Questions? Email for more information. Ticket sales are non-refund

Temple Of Devotion.jpg

Saturday Feb 17th    |    LEVEL 2 Eros Temple

Facilitated by Holly Turiya & Gili Oren


Saturday March 2nd    |    LEVEL 1 Love Temple

Facilitated by Holly Turiya & Jennifer Acka

Nosara Tantra 

Join our Nosara Tantra group on Whatsapp to connect deeper with our local community on upcoming events + musings.

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