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Hello Wild one,


I'm ecstatic + honored that your eyes and heart have landed on this page. It's with deep pleasure to meet you. My name is Holly Turiya. The role I've been assigned by spirit in this life is


Freedom Facilitator.

Freedom is one of my highest values in life - especially pouring my energy into freedom for (instead freedom from).

What are you free for?

I'm free for personal sovereignty, elevated frequency, aligned purpose, authentic intimacy, and unwavering truth.  I'm free for ascending consciousness through states of ecstasis found in dance, touch, and relating.  I'm free for claiming full potential by liberating the body + energy field from the past.  And I'm free for the fullest + rawest expression of this human experience while on this beautiful planet. 

I create safe + sacred spaces for transformation + liberation 

My highest joy offering is creating dance experiences. I've been a DJ for over 10 years - studying music at Point Blank Music School in London, and Wakamai Ecstatic Dance training in Bali. I believe in high frequency healing -vibrating higher than your patterns + traumas. Dance, to me, is one of the highest forms of expression + joy that exists. Listen to my live DJ mixes on Soundcloud 

I've devoted my life to learning + teaching the ancient Tantric + Taoist arts to facilitate freedom through embodiment. I weave these teachings with indigenous Shamanic practices to facilitate freedom through ritual + ceremony. Through this golden path, I've birthed my SOMA Method, which is the core foundation of all my teachings, and how I facilitate freedom through shadow integration + personal reclamation. Work 1:1 with me in a private mentorship. 

I facilitate freedom for students on their pilgrimage to deeper embodiment through my SOMA School Of Shamanic Tantra. This is my love child, and my life's greatest offering. I feel so honored to share all the tools + teachings that have liberated me from depression, addiction, codependency, and disease.

I'm living the life of my dreams in the jungles of Costa Rica. I am the most vibrant, joyful, grounded and ALIVE I have ever felt. It's my desire to guide as many people as possible into the dimension of love and creativity that I vibrate with.


It's with deep pleasure + gratitude that I welcome you on this journey back home to yourself.

In truth + beauty + freedom,

Holly Turiya

Pink Theme Bouquet

My training + experience

Eastern Healing Arts


Women's Healing


Shamanic Healing


Leadership + Entrepeneurship


Music + Movement

Taoist + Chinese Medicine Apprenticeship

I studied with a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor in Beijing. Here began my love for Eastern spirituality in Tantra, Buddhism, and Taoism. All the practices + teachings in your mentorship are centered around Reclaiming balance + harmony in your life.

Tantric Arts Studies

I've studied with teachers from around the world, utilizing the art of Tantra to return to deep pleasure + presence. Tantra has become my life's deepest passion and purpose. Through these teachings, I guide you into Reclaiming sensuality through the Sacred Feminine Arts of
womb healing, feminine embodiment, and erotic cultivation.

Womb Awakening Studies

I've studied + embodied years of learning from my two Womb mentors; Padma Aon Prakasha, author of "Shakti Power" and "Womb Wisdom", and my other mentors Seren + Azra Bertand, authors of my bible, "Womb Awakening", and "Magdalen Mysteries." 

Spiral Path Medicine Woman 

I studied deeply with my herbal mentor, Lupo Passero, learning about the rhythmical + cyclical nature of the Divine Feminine spirit. Here I learned about archetypal embodiment, and goddess mythology. I was initiated onto the Priestess Path, returning to ancestral wisdom of feminine mysticism. Ritual became my favorite art, learning how to hold space for women's transformation and create ceremony to honor their growth.

Wild Woman Facilitator Training

This program initiated me onto the cosmic path of Lunar astrology, learning how to use moon ceremony to guide women into deeper freedom and truth, while holding a beautiful container of safe + sacred space. I am a Moon Priestess; her wisdom and teachings are embodied deeply into my life and practices.

Neoshamanic Society Training

A certification in remote healing mastery, using shamanic modalities to clear the luminous energy field of blocks, traumas, and limiting programing.  I received extensive training in chakra anatomy and how to open + unblock stagnation in the energetic + emotional body to create more harmony, coherance, and healing in the body. Under the guidance of my Shamanic Mentor Christof Melkezidech. 

Twinstar Herbalism + Energy Certification

Following my devotion to the Earth Path, I began a life long journey into the study of the mystical plant Queendom, and the etheric spirit Kingdom. I discovered how to use herbs + energy work to heal the emotional, spiritual and physical body, specializing in herbs + healing to nurture the heart + womb.

Wellness CEO

I've been my own boss for my entire life, starting my first company at 19 years old. I've launched half a dozen startup companies + brands from event production, to yoga studios, spas, virtual wellness communities, and organic product lines. Through these experiences I've mentored + led many. I've fostered large communities, inspiring others deeper onto their spiritual paths. I've been the visionary + leader for our teams, supporting their growth +transformation. I'm a natural born mentor, and know what it takes to live a courageous + creative life.

Love, Sex, Relationship Coach

I'm currently enrolled in a 1.5 year love, sex, and relationship coaching certifaction program to deepen my skills as a guide + mentor to women on their journey to deeper intimacy + love. 

Ecstatic Dance Facilitation

Learning from my musical mentors Sophie Sofree + Rob Weber of Wakamai School Of Sacred Fun in Bali. How to facilitate a transformative experince for liberation using music, movement, and meditation.  

Point Blank Music School London

Learning the skills to be an electronic music DJ. I've been Dj'ing + dancing at some of the worlds best clubs for over 15 years from London, to New York, to Colombia.

"The liberation journey isn't about getting what you want.

It's about becoming it."

My Core Values



Living life in the here + now. Reclaiming full energy to unfold into and experience this very moment, as it is. To welcome this moment with compassion, excitement and awareness. To not desire to be anywhere or anyone other than what's right here. Trusting that the Tao of transformation will move through me, as I am, as I anchor deeply into presence. Surrender to the process. Fully embodied, fully alive, and fully breathing into this ever-pulsing now. 


Creating strong, safe containers both internally + externally is the foundation for all healing, growth, and transformation. My inner masculine is deeply integrated to hold a strong presence of embodied safety. Having a grounded + relaxed nervous system is foundational to hold higher frequencies of love + pleasure. I'm trauma informed for both individual + group facilitation. Safety for me also includes clear + conscious communication, consent + confidentiality, integrity in actions + beliefs, and showing up authentically in every moment. 


Sat Nam. Truth is my identity. My main devotion to life, and those I love + lead is this. "I will always be true." I am a conduit for the Tao, the dancing truth of the moment. Truth is transient, ever-changing. I devote myself to staying in alignment with truth as it expresses through me. May my words come from spirit, and my movement from grace. May my truth be raw, messy, untamed, fierce, soft, and loving. I serve each moment with my truth. 



I believe Sovereignty is a pillar of the new paradigm. Sovereignty in self empowerment. How do I desire to feel, experience, and embody life? Knowing my value, and reflecting power to others. Sovereignty in self responsibility. How I am creating my current reality, and how can take ownership of all of my experience? Sovereignty in elf sourcing. I am responsible for my vitality, radiance, and inspiration. My self care is the foundation for my mission. We are each Kings + Queens of our own reality.



As I move through cycles of dissolution + purification, I create more space in body to experience expanded pleasure. Joy, celebration, laughter, and dancing. My inner child is integrated into my experience + she loves to play. How can I weave more pleasure into every experience? How can I celebrate myself + others? How can I harness my sexual pleasure to reach higher states of consciousness. Tantra is the path of pleasure, and I'm ecstatic to be dancing on this Royal Road!


I've learned that freedom isn't an external experience; it's an inner mindset. It's a somatic feeling of expansion, openness, and safety in the body. The more I dive into my shadows  and liberate repressed energy, emotions, and pieces of myself that I once shamed or denied, the freer I become. And the freer I feel inside, the more spaciousness I experience outside in my relationships and creativity. Reclaiming stuck energy from past pains + traumas, creates freedom to be fully expressed in this present moment. 

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