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Listen to Holly Turiya riff on deep topics of sacred sexuality, pleasure codes, feminine embodiment, and conscious dating.

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Dive into our ebooks for embodiment wisdom, journal prompts, practices + rituals to return you to the throne of your body.


Begin or continue your feminine embodiment journey with our online courses in the privacy of your Sacred Space at home. We offer extended Online Courses for deeper teachings. These courses are 6+ weeks and include video transmissions, embodiment practices, guided meditations, and journal prompts to turn your knowledge into knowing. One module is released per week to give you time to integrate the wisdom. 


We also offer mini Wisdom Classes which are 1 to 1.5 hours for the more bite size teachings. These include a PDF workbook to go along with the class, to go deeper into the learning. All our courses + classes include lifetime access, to return to again + again.

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All that you desire to feel, experience, and create lay within your body, waiting to be claimed. Your Womb is the sacred space within where all you power is waiting to be unveiled.

Align your body with the Tao - the way of nature - and tap into your feminine manifestation power.

Don't get what you want; become it.

6 Week Online Course 

With Holly Turiya

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